Eidsiva Arena -
Media Cube

Location – Lillehammer, Norway

Eidsiva Arena is the home venue for the Lillehammer Ice Hockey Club, one of the top clubs in the major league in Norway and multiple finalist for the cup.

A new media cube was installed at Lillehammer Ice Hockey Club home venue, Eidsiva Arena, in August 2019.

For the Eidsiva arena, Bright chose to offer a media cube from Infiled with a pixel pitch of 3.9mm and custom curved corners. With a high-resolution screen and with curved corners it constitutes a flexible screen where graphics can be seamless and great viewing experience is achieved from all angles.
Besides serving the needs of the ice hockey club, towards the attending spectators and sponsors, it can be used for concerts and live events in the venue.

The corners are made up of standard curved modules to get correct radius and are made from the same production series as the other modules. This is to ensure uniform colors of the whole screen.

The screen has a specific gravity of 2990 kg. In addition, comes the weight of the suspension structure, cabling, etc. This is estimated at 200-250 kg. The total weight of the cube is 3250 kg.

Our suspension solution: Primary support with truss between four glulam arches was provided by the Bright. Two chain hoists were mounted in each of these trusses.

Delivery time on solution from date of contract was production, transport and installation were 90 days, of which 10 days for installation.