Heathrow T5

Customer: World Duty Free/ADXBA/BLYNK
Install date: October 2018
Product: SF
Number of screens: 1
Screen size:
24.64m x 0.8m
Pitch: 4mm
Brightness: 1000 nits
Resolution: 6,100 x 200

This project was conducted in conjunction with Adxba and Blynk as part of the regeneration of the World Duty Free store in Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport.

A curved 25m ribbon was installed above the entrance of WDF to update the façade. This improved the visual appeal of the store and increased its visibility within the Terminal 5 departure lounge.

The purpose of utilising a curved display was to create a modern and eye-catching aesthetic, whilst bringing this store into line with the other WDF stores at LHR.

Using a flexible module allowed the display to be mounted into the existing structure as It could follow the natural curve of the bulkhead in the pre-existing structure.


The modules are both magnetic and incredibly lightweight, weighing just 500g.