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Our Products

We offer bespoke LED solutions for every purpose and environment. In addition to guaranteeing exceptional levels of hardware quality, infiLED EM International products are also light, modularised, quick to build and easy to maintain.

Rigid Displays.

We offer a variety of rigid displays suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, differing in designs in order to best suit any concept. Depending on the nature of an opportunity, infiLED can select from a full range of high-end and hardwearing products for a rigid solution.


Floor Displays.

infiLED’s floor displays represent the next level in LED usability and interaction technology. Our panels have integrated motion sensors that allow responsive and interactive content to be shown on their display. The inbuilt interactivity of these displays allow for a genuinely impactful experience for users in any space. With load-bearing of up to 2,500kg/m2, infiLED’s floor displays truly allow the user a dependable and fully reactive experience even when under the highest stress.


Designer Displays.

infiLED recognise the importance of bespoke and adaptable solutions for our client’s screen and display needs. This is reflected in the creative design and installation process employed in the management of picking the right screen for the right opportunity. Further to this process, we also have several product series specifically used to create designer displays, including a series employed for irregular shape LED displays and another for ‘soft’ and ‘flexible’ installations, among others.


Perimeter Displays.

infiLED offers perimeter displays as part of our work within sports and events stadia. Our product range has several series adapted to pitch-side LED displays in accordance with UEFA regulations and the EN 55022-A class standard which ensures perfect operational stability, even with external sources of electric electromagnetic interference.


Wave - Flexible Displays.

The infiLED product range includes a series specifically designed to create wave and curved displays. This series allows for concave and convex flexibility and super-light and ultra-thin features. This series of products is key in creating a fully immersive and eye-catching LED display in a wide range of scenarios, and therefore represents one of our most popular products.


High - Res Displays.

infiLED’s high-resolution displays represent the best visual quality on the market for LED screen technology. These products focus on increased greyscale levels, contrast, refresh rate and colour gamut, providing a crisp and impactful picture when combined with high-quality content.


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