Indoor Designer Displays


infiLED’s SF series is designed to be the perfect product for creative applications due to its flexible and lightweight nature. The SF series’ main feature is the soft and highly flexible PCBs that allow the creation of convex and concave curved displays. This range also incorporates an advanced magnetic system, enabling easy assembly in addition to front accessibility and maintenance. The nature of the SF series and its versatility makes it the perfect product for curved and cylindrical displays.

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The TT series allows customers to create myriad irregular shaped LED displays. A key product in the infiLED range as it allows bespoke concepts and designs to be realised with the latest LED technology in the industry. The panels allow an angle adjustment from -90* to +90*, allowing our customers to realise their display ambitions.

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infiLED’s HoLo series is the latest in mesh LED technology. With a transparency rate of up to 70% alongside an industry-leading pixel pitch, the HoLo product is the perfect indoor mesh display for any application. Mesh displays allow businesses to transform and digitalise their showrooms, retail and office spaces while blending in to the installation environment. The HoLo also incorporates a frameless design, reducing the non-transparent components to a minimum and helping to deliver ideal display performance.

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infiLED’s VueStrip series offers the capacity to light up any surface with LED technology. With dimensions of 20mm in width & 40mm in depth, VueStrip can be installed into floors, stages, and walls or hung with rigging both vertically and horizontally. This product series represents a continuation of infiLED’s ambition to create and supply cutting-edge LED technology for our customers’ requirements.

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