Indoor Perimeter Displays

INFiLED’s indoor Perimeter range allows for a higher-resolution and technical specification display than the outdoor Perimeter product. There are also different sizing options available, with indoor event halls and stadia likely to be more compromised in terms of space.


infiLED’s L series offers a perimeter display alternative to the SP with narrower pixel pitch and increased image quality. Although the L series offers less durability and protective features than the SP, it represents another choice to fulfil the tailored needs of our customers.

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infiLED’s SP series is the main Perimeter display option, with installations across the world in both sports and events facilities. This product is perfectly suited to outdoor applications but with excellent image quality, retains its applicability for indoor use also. The safety features and nature of the cabinet construction make the SP product series extremely durable and able to withstand significant environmental and physical pressures.

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