Indoor Rigid Displays

infiLED offer a wide range of indoor Rigid products to suit any standard application. Regular indoor sheet-sized installations are the most common use of LED display technology, due to the needs of our clients – for example, information or advertising screens in shopping centres and airports. As our most popular series, the indoor Rigid range is the most versatile and adaptable. This is manifested in a variety of display solutions offered across the range.

The products we provide within our Indoor Rigid range include: ER, QE, S, LMKII, N, Q, DB


infiLED’s QE series offers good value for money in addition to high performance. With its aluminium die-cast frames and precision locking systems, the QE series creates seamless, high-impact displays. The QE is designed with a 500mm x 500mm cabinet size, allowing the product to be easily used for a wide variety of opportunities and applications. This series uses the same level of premium technology as the Q series, but without the inbuilt monitoring capabilities of that product range.

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infiLED’s Q series is a high performance product that is easily transported and assembled, enabling seamless and easy installation. Designed with a 500mm x 500mm cabinet size, this only increases the versatility of the Q series while its LCD monitoring display on the back of the cabinets allow for user interface and control. The Q series’ smart monitoring capability is well-suited for the rental market, as it allows the installer to understand all the live data and state of the individual LED cabinets such as temperature, and average & peak power usage. For solutions that do not dictate the need for smart monitoring capability, please check out the QE series within the Indoor Rigid range.

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infiLED’s update to the popular L series product, the LMKII is a slimmer, more efficient LED cabinet model. It incorporates infiLED’s new patented ‘One Action Locking’ system, along with slim die cast aluminium housing for easy, seamless screen building. This model also includes a control unit providing convention cooling, through which the product life cycle and energy efficiency are greatly improved.

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infiLED’s Deep Black (DB) series is a product range designed specifically for superior image quality, with a focus on high contrast, greyscale levels and refresh rates alongside a wide colour gamut. These benefits are provided by the black LEDs in combination with ultra-black masks to provide that contrast.

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infiLED’s S series represents state-of-the-art LED cabinet engineering, with high precision assembly and ultimate image quality. The dimensions of this Rigid series product allow for HD resolution with the lowest selected pixel pitch, allowing our customers to create an impressive and immersive display with the S product range. In addition to this, the S series allows bespoke diode quality options: premium Havertek diodes for superior image quality.

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infiLED’s Easy Rental (ER) Pro series is a high performance and durable product, suitable for a wide range of applications. The ER has proved to be our most popular range due to its easy locking systems, positioning pins and super lightweight nature – creating an installation-friendly product that still offers ultimate image quality and ultra-bright LED technology.

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