Outdoor Rigid Displays

infiLED’s outdoor Rigid displays incorporate industry-leading LED technology in combination with the latest protective measures. Ideal for applications such as advertising billboards or large outdoor informational screens, the infiLED outdoor Rigid is our most popular range due to its unquestionable quality and its ability to weather adverse environmental and physical conditions. Our Rigid series includes a number of outdoor options to best fit the application at hand.

The products we provide in our Outdoor Rigid series include: GM, GMG, ER, NL, B, QE, AC


infiLED’s Easy Rental (ER) Pro series is a high performance and durable product, suitable for a wide range of applications. The ER has proved to be our most popular range due to its easy locking systems, positioning pins and super lightweight nature – creating an installation-friendly product that still offers ultimate image quality and ultra-bright LED technology.

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infiLED’s GMG series is the flagship product range in energy efficiency and environmentally friendly LED technology. The GM series remains the basis for this product, with a smart energy saving mode added, ideal for outdoor media broadcasting applications. This allows our customers to install and run an energy efficient LED display, with the range of benefits that this provides in terms of cost and carbon footprint, without compromising on image quality.

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The NL series is an outdoor product focusing on low power and long-lasting applications. This product uses ‘low voltage differential signalling’ (LVDS), which allows the panels to operate at low power alongside running at high speeds. This technology allows the NL series to remain energy efficient, while guaranteeing immersive content powered by consistently high picture stability.

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infiLED’s B series represents the ideal product for outdoor digital billboard applications. This product range allows significant long-life and durability alongside high-quality performance, due to its energy efficient power solution. In addition to high brightness and contrast, the B series is assembled to provide the greatest stability and endurance to both environmental conditions and the demands of 24/7 use.

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infiLED’s QE series offers good value for money in addition to high performance. With its aluminium die-cast frames and precision locking systems, the QE series creates seamless, high-impact displays. The QE is designed with a 500mm x 500mm cabinet size, allowing the product to be easily used for a wide variety of opportunities and applications. This series uses the same level of premium technology as the Q series, but without the inbuilt monitoring capabilities of that product range.

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The Air Carbon (AC) series is the most lightweight of the infiLED’s range of products, for greater ease of assembly and installation. This product is designed for outdoor use, with a focus on ease of installation through its ultra-light panel weight, but this remains in combination with guaranteeing ultimate image quality. This is supplied through the high contrast, refresh rates, greyscale levels and brightness that the AC series provides, along with the option of using black diode technology with ‘common cathode driving’.

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