Outdoor Flexible Displays

INFiLED offer the Wave series for use in flexible and creative applications. Termed ‘Wave’, this product range is designed with an advanced angling system and seamless connection to create a variety of curved displays fit to design. Outdoor applications for this series represent a combination of high-quality LED technology alongside the latest protective measures to ensure the displays remain extremely impactful and effective, as is expected with a large curved LED application. Despite the small product range available in the Wave series, our Designer series is also available to create any bespoke solution our customers require.


infiLED’s X series represents the flagship Wave product as a highly flexible, thin and ultra-lightweight cabinet. While other products within the infiiLED range allow for curved displays, the X series is our most popular and reliable. With image quality supported by a configurable high refresh rate, its lightweight and thin nature, and 20* curve ability, the X remains our first choice Wave solution.

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