Concept & Bespoke Design

With infiLED EM International’s innovative Concept & Design Service, we work alongside our client’s to understand their reasons for incorporating a digital display solution and what it is they’re trying to achieve. We’re then able to formulate the best possible design and propose the most fitting solution components, taking into consideration all of the fundamentals, from hardware and software, through to creative design and ongoing management.

At infiLED EM International, we listen to our client’s requirements in order to understand their goals and objectives when it comes to LED. We want to understand our client’s business, values and what they are looking to achieve with an LED installation, how this is affected by the budget and ROI. Taking all this into consideration it is about delivering the best high impact solution that meets your business needs and the potential changes that will need to be made during the 10 year life cycle of our products, making them adaptable to an ever changing business climate.

infiLED EM International delivers innovative thinking to create and share a vision in support of our client’s needs. We offer high performing LED display solutions for a range of environments, including sports venues, entertainment complexes, stadia, shopping centres, transport hubs and more. This disparate range means that we include a research and development division that can build a bespoke technical solution to a client’s specification.

We structure our manufacturing solution to meet a client’s budget and to maximise return on investment. Our factory built solutions last 100,000 hours, allowing clients to commit to long term installations – all supported by our real time global 24/7 customer service support.

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