Creative Content design

At infiLED EM International, we know that great content has the power to engage viewers and drive behaviour. We also know that even the very best LED displays can be let down by poorly designed content. To us, content is key and without it, displays lose their impact. As technology is only a single piece of the puzzle, we’re proud to have the creative expertise needed to assist with every individual phase of a digital project – including creating beautifully engaging display content.

Before we even begin designing, we strategise. The thought-process behind the artwork we produce enables us to cater content to the audience, taking into consideration viewing distances, display times, playlist lengths and more. To us at infiLED EM International, eyes on screens is important, but leaving a lasting impression is the ultimate goal.

In order to drive behaviour, infiLED EM International creates content that connects with audiences and resonates in ways that isn’t possible with other mediums. Combining innovative artwork with clever messaging, we design to create a user experience that leaves a lasting impression.
Further to this, for an LED display solution to be a success, it must remain fresh and engaging at all times, which is precisely why we offer content management services – designed to keep your content looking amazing going forward.

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