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The Wallpaper is the latest Narrow Pixel Pitch product by infiLED®, using cutting edge technology and available in SMD, 4-in-1 MiniLED and COB. These sophisticated fine pitch LEDs are more durable and robust than traditional SMD displays. With a panel ratio of 16:9 and a fine pixel pitch, this allows the creation of 2K, 4K & 8K resolution displays. It also features an edge thickness of 29.5mm and the combined thickness is only 37mm when mounted with the slim line floating bracket, allowing quick and easy installation which results in a flat seamless finish. These LED modules are front serviceable, making it easy for maintenance and, with the innovative vacuum suction tool it prevents damage to the LEDs during maintenance and servicing. The Wallpaper can used with traditional control solutions, or as an all-in-one solution using local inputs and media players to make it a complete stand-alone screen. It’s corner screen building option allows for creative displays to be made to fit bespoke designs. The Wallpaper can also transform into a mobile LED screen which features safety anti-collision masks, so the LEDs are well protected.