From airports to shopping centres, infiLED’s products include a wide range of displays that can be used in indoor applications and installations, capable of attracting and engaging viewers at any proximity. These product series allow for a focus on high-resolution, greyscale and colour contrast & gamut, in a scenario where visual quality and impact is of the upmost importance. 


In LED applications where natural light and weather conditions are primary factors, infiLED offers a broad selection of purposely built outdoor LED display solutions designed to deliver quality content. These products focus on key features in outdoor displays, such as low energy consumption, high brightness and refresh rate to create vivid and quality rendering. 


The DF series is infiLED’s 2nd generation product within the Floor range, and continues to take the standard of floor LED technology to a new level.  


The Air Mesh (AM) Series is a highly transparent display with nearly 80% transparency. 


infiLED’s SP series is the main Perimeter display option, with installations across the world in both sports and events facilities.


infiLED’s Easy Rental (ER) Pro series is a high performance and durable product, suitable for a wide range of applications. 


infiLED’s update to the popular L series product, the LMKII is a slimmer, more efficient LED cabinet model.


infiLED’s X series represents the flagship Wave product as a highly flexible, thin and ultra-lightweight cabinet. 


infiLED’s GMG series is the flagship product range in energy efficiency and environmentally friendly LED technology.


Digital Wallpaper features an edge thickness of 29.55mm, and the combined thickness is only 37mm. 


infiLED’s Deep Black (DB) series is a product range designed specifically for superior image quality.


infiLED’s SF series is designed to be the perfect product for creative applications due to its flexible and lightweight nature. 


Our MV series is the ideal product for outdoor digital displays, with an aluminium profile system frame the MV Series is more durable and stable compared to the traditional magnesium panels.